In this April Energy Update 2021 we discuss the upcoming energetic themes for the month of April. April is shaping up to be a month of solar plexus purging. The solar plexus is our social self, ego, and ability to manifest in physical reality. We are our worst enemy this month. The mind and social identity are going through a process of death and rebirth.

Expect karmic patterns that have likely been with you for lifetimes to be triggered in April but try to notice how your thoughts are creating the patterns and observe them from a place of witnessing awareness. The mystic is the artist who creates the self. What are you creating? Don’t take the mind too seriously, instead recognize it for what it is – shadow and light. A cloud that hides us from ourselves that can be dropped at any time. Drop the mind and you will be reborn as your innate innocence.

March brought the unexpected into many of our lives, and many have been in a spiritual funk. It has been a bit hard at times to find motivation for spiritual practice and meditation. At the same time, the desire to go back to sleep or fall back into less conscious patterns of behavior has also been particularly strong.

However, the events of March are revealing patterns as old as our soul’s journey that are coming up for healing and resolution in April. Most of us have been on the spiritual journey in one way or another for many lifetimes. During this time of planetary evolution many souls have incarnated to culminate lifetimes of spiritual striving.

We all have patterns specific to our soul’s journey that have detracted us from the spiritual path many times. We have been at the finish line many times only to be lured into a detour by our own unconscious behavior. April is presenting an opportunity to break those karmic patterns once and for all.

Karmic patterns are really just the inertia of our thoughts. As we said in our March Full Moon Energy Update 2021 if you are identified with the mental activity of past, present, and future then you are caught in the invisible river of inevitability. However, being identified with that mental activity is ultimately a choice.

Studies have shown that 70%-90% of our mental chatter is useless, negative and repetitive thoughts that exacerbate our unhappiness. Our thoughts form a cloud around us that separate us from our true self and keep us trapped in endless patterns of unconscious behavior. In order to gain freedom from our thoughts, we must cultivate the witness and learn how not to identify with them. We are not our thoughts. Watch them as though they belong to someone else.

The dissonance between our inner self and the person we present to the world will be in stark contrast in April. When we become fully integrated there is no difference between the inner and outer self. But for most of us that is not the case. Most of us maintain a private self that needs protecting even from those closest to us.

This private self always needs protecting. The walls built around it separate us from others and our true self. The mystic is the artist who creates the self. We die and are reborn over and over again. It is a process of dropping mental activity and letting go of the stories and identities given to us by others to reveal the masterpiece of who and what we are. April may be the crucifixion of our personalities and ego, but it also holds the promise of the resurrection and rebirth of our innocence and perfection.