What to Expect:

The inability of our leaders, governments, and medical system to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic will be on full display in April. There will be anger, rioting, and frustration at the system’s inability carry out its most basic functions and keep us safe. 

We will be humbled.

We will be defeated.

We will have to start anew. 

In defeat we will be given an opportunity for rebirth and resurrection. The ropes that have held us in place for so long are being cut. Yet those who have been slaves to the status quo all their lives will struggle to know what to do with their freedom. 

Everyone will be given a choice. You can try to tie the ropes of your captivity back together and cling to the false security of the past. Or you can enjoy your freedom, realize your sovereignty, and arise more beautiful, noble, and joyous than you were before. 

Guidance for Navigating Energies:

In April a lot of people will be looking back at what they have lost over the last several months. Everyone is being lane bare. We are naked. Stripped of our former selves and the familiar sources of comfort. Lane bare, we must asked ourselves, whether the lives we were leading truly brought us joy and abundance. Or was all the feverish activity and consumption all to mask the poverty and unhappiness of our relationships, our home life, and our own mind. 

How did your life end up the way it is? How much of your life is just a reflection of your childhood wounds? Is your life a product of what you love or what you fear? 

Look at the chain of events, decisions, desires, and motivations that led to your current life circumstances. Look at your partner, your livelihood, how you spend your time.

How much of it is a byproduct of your inner child needing to feel ok? How much of it is your inner child needing validation…love…comfort? 

Who are you really? What do you actually prefer? Are you mourning a life you really wanted? Are you mourning a life you actually enjoyed? What does a healed life look like? What does a healed you look like? 

Would a healed you settle for the life you have been living? Or would a healed you demand a life with more love, more joy, more pleasure, and more meaning?

This is a time of duality. You can create heaven or hell right now in this present moment. What are you focusing on? How are you spending your time?  Who are you spending your time with? 

This is the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning. The great sorting has commenced. Brother will be parted from brother, parent from child, man from wife. You can be living in the same house, but occupy completely different realities right now. 

You may not physically ascend into a different dimension right now, but you may float into another one. You may start floating away from those people and situations that no longer resonate with you, and feel magnetically drawn to those that do. 

The root chakra is the overall energy for the month of April. It is an opportunity to manifest our mastery or unskillfulness with that energy. Those who have not mastered their red ray root chakra will continue to exhibit greed, anger and bellicosity. 

Salvation will be obtained through mastery of the red ray, grounding into the Earth, and standing in your power and sovereignty. Then you will walk the Earth like the immortal being you are. Safe. Secure and in service to life. At peace with yourself and others. 

We are held by Mother Gaia at this time. Connect with her energy by spending time in nature. She is telling us that everything will be ok. She is telling us that we can rest in her presence and be at peace. That she will take care of us, that she has always taken care of us, and that it was only our delusion that led us to believe we were ever in control. 

Heaven awaits, we only have to let Mother show us the way. Safety and security is not to be found in the fabrications of man. True safety and true wholeness comes from our deep connection with our Divine Mother, who returns our love and trust ten times, with  incomprehensible abundance of every kind.