The September ascension energy is offering us a profound opportunity for anchoring multidimensional bodies. As the ascension process on this planet continues to unfold, we are called to make our hearts the new foundation for our lived experience. The awakening and anchoring of the ascended heart is the activation of the fourth density light body, which opens the doors to our full multidimensional selves.

When 51% of your thoughts, emotions, and deeds are in service to others the heart becomes the new center of our being instead of our solar plexus. This is the process of polarizing our consciousness as discussed in our recent Law of One video. This is about choosing love moment to moment, day to day. When you do that your fourth density energy body becomes your new seat of awareness.

Love is not sentimental emotional attachment. Love is the attractive quality of God. In the beginning there was the one that was a singularity of consciousness. Then the one decided to experience multiplicity by veiling itself from itself in order to experience separation. We are all being drawn back together toward the singularity of consciousness by the power of love, which is the process by which God remembers itself in others and is drawn back into union with itself.

The transition from being a third density planet to a fourth density planet is a shift of the vibratory rate of matter/light at the atomic level. The increase in the vibratory rate of light enables it to become more dense with intelligent energy.

The baseline vibratory rate on this planet has been increasing for decades but reached fourth density vibration in 2012 when Earth crossed the galactic equator. Since then there has been a slow and steady increase in the baseline vibration of our reality which has allowed us to slowly expand our consciousness and attune with the fourth density energies.

However, with the dawning of solar cycle 25 in December 2019 we are now seeing an acceleration in the increase of the baseline vibration of our reality. The increase in solar activity from the sun is turning the volume up on the vibratory rate of our reality. The Earth is harmonizing with the fourth density frequency which is enabling it to hold more intelligent energy from the sun.

The dilation in our experience of subjective time and compression of objective time is linked to this increase in the vibratory rate of our reality. This makes things feel faster and slower at the same time. This is a signpost that we are moving more deeply into fourth density and that the baseline vibratory rate of our planet is increasing.

As the planet is harmonizing with the sun and this more prana rich region of the galaxy, we must harmonize our vibration with the Earth. The vibratory rate of our own physical bodies is increasing and enabling us to hold more light. This attunement requires us to anchor our awareness in the ascended heart chakra which exists in all dual activated beings. This energetic heart beats in rhythm with the one heartbeat of the universe. We all share one heartbeat with the universe.

My own energy body has been humming at an increased rate of frequency this month. My appetite for food has diminished greatly. I am currently having a cup of Greek yogurt for breakfast, a small lunch, and am drinking a green smoothie for dinner. I feel full throughout the day and simply cannot make myself eat much more than that. I’m eating approximately half as much as I did as recently as July.

I’ve also experienced a further awakening to the full spectrum of my multidimensional bodies. Before Lion’s Gate we talked about there being a compression of the fourth density and dimensions above the crown chakra that were bottling energy up in our physical bodies. Then on August 8th we experienced a shift and an instreaming of beautiful golden seventh dimensional energy and an expansion of the crown chakra.

This appears to have been further anchoring the fourth density energy body into the third dimensional physical body and opening the densities/dimensions beyond the fourth up to be experienced more fully. When I attune my awareness to my fourth density body my awareness moves to my ascended heart or high heart as it is sometimes called just below my clavicle.

Then when I move my awareness to my fifth density body my awareness is drawn to my third eye and throat chakra, and I can sense my fifth density body hovering above my crown in its potentiated none active form. Beyond that I am able to flow upward to the sixth through the 33rd dimensional body which is seen as a point of dazzling white crystalline light. At that point there is little to no body awareness. The bodies up to the seventh density/dimension can be sensed with some clarity, but beyond the seventh the multidimensional bodies are sensed but feel very far away until I get to the 33rd dimensional body which is experienced a crystalline light.

This will sound very esoteric to many and it is certainly abstract and at the edges of what can be conceptualized and experienced in these third/fourth density activated bodies. But part of my purpose is to share the cutting edges of my ascension experience so that we may learn together as this journey unfolds for all of us.