Words Are Spells

In this video we discuss how Words Are Spells so we should strive to cultivate loving awareness. Our thoughts and words are very powerful. They define us and our reality. Every word corresponds energetically to archetypes and possibility/probability vortexes for your future. Moment to moment we are speaking our reality into existence and attuning to different qualities of consciousness. Be judicious with your language. Be a deliberate creator and cast a spell to become the person you want to be with the future you want to live. Don’t be a chaos magician and curse yourself or others with your thoughts and words.

Speak when it is necessary. Speak in such a way that casts a spell for the life you want to live and the person you want to be. But otherwise cultivate the quality of loving awareness. Bring your hand to your heart and say, “I AM love. I AM filled with infinite love.” When your heart is full say, “I AM loving awareness” and allow the love to flow from your heart to your third eye and fill your mind. Encounter the world with this state of awareness and your life will become enchanted.

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Published by Zachary Adama

Zachary Adama is a mystic, spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the perennial wisdom tradition. Zachary is dedicated to helping others realize their true nature, birthright, and most essential reality. Bliss is your true nature. Peace is your birthright. Love is your most essential reality. We live in evolutionary and revolutionary times. We stand at the dawn of a new age, upon the threshold of a new earth. Both are being born through our own awakening hearts. Zachary shares a perspective that is both grounded and mystical, as well as ancient and ever new.

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