My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul

In this video we discuss My Fifteen Year Dark Night of the Soul. My dark night of the soul began when I as about ten years old. I was anxious, depressed and felt deeply alienated. I often found it difficult to find purpose in life. As I grew older I even grew to hate humanity and being in a human body. That anger and despair continued for fifteen years.

For the first twenty five years of my life I was completely loveless. Ambition and a desire for money, power and prestige helped me live an outwardly successful life throughout college and law school. But I was miserable, binge drank, and often entertained suicidal thoughts.

It was only after my spiritual awakening that it started to lift, and life has been better every year since. But my spiritual awakening didn’t solve all of my problems. After my spiritual awakening I still had to work through my negative thought patterns, addictions, and counterproductive habits. We are all on a journey, and where I am is not where I started.

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Published by Zachary Adama

Zachary Adama is a mystic, spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the perennial wisdom tradition. Zachary is dedicated to helping others realize their true nature, birthright, and most essential reality. Bliss is your true nature. Peace is your birthright. Love is your most essential reality. We live in evolutionary and revolutionary times. We stand at the dawn of a new age, upon the threshold of a new earth. Both are being born through our own awakening hearts. Zachary shares a perspective that is both grounded and mystical, as well as ancient and ever new.

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