The Harvest: Humanity’s Three Way Split

In this video we discuss The Harvest: Humanity’s Three Way Split. In the Law of One they describe the Earth’s transition from third density to fourth density as the Harvest. During the Harvest soul’s will choose to polarize their consciousness or remain in the sinkhole of indifference. Those who polarize positively will remain on Earth for their fourth density cycle of incarnations. Those who polarize negatively will graduate to a fourth density negative planet. While the majority of people who have not made the choice will repeat third density on a different plant.

This three way split in humanity’s destiny is increasingly apparent, and is why our differences seem irreconcilable. It is ever possible that humanity will choose positive polarity in an instant and move harmoniously into fourth density, but unlikely. It appears we will have a mixed Harvest with few graduating to fourth density and the majority repeating third.

In fourth density thoughts are increasingly things. This causes the disharmony in the collective to increasingly manifest as disease and Earth changes. Our third density civilization is incompatible with the fourth density vibration of Earth. As a result the disharmony between the two energies will continue to increase until the third density civilization transforms or breaks apart.

Fourth density space/time is experientially discrete from third density space/time. Space/time is the physical experience we experience through our third density bodies. Time/space is the astral component where form and thought are more fluid. Each density has a space/time and time/space component. Fourth density space/time is available to us but cannot be fully experienced until we have fourth density bodies to perceive it.

Those of us who have dual activated third density/fourth density bodies are able to perceive more and more fourth density space/time but will not fully experience it until our third density bodies are deactivated. The bodies of fourth density are being born through biological reproduction in the ordinary course of physical evolution. Fourth density bodies will be fully available within a few generations, which is relatively quick on the scale of biological evolution.

Whether the Harvest is long or short depends on how long humanity can withstand the instreaming fourth density energy. If humanity is able to adapt and harmoniously transform civilization into a fourth density civilization, then the Harvest will be slow and more people will graduate. If on the other hand humanity self-destructs the Harvest will be small and fourth density will be built by the survivors.

Many people nourish the hope that a solar flash will quicken the Harvest and we will be delivered into fourth density in an instant. While I sympathize with this perspective, I think it is unlikely. This perspective seems to be informed by the time/space perspective where linear time doesn’t apply. Humanity is being transformed by instreaming fourth density energy from the sun, but it is happening on a much slower linear timeline.

The transformation appears to be linked to the eleven year solar cycles. We began solar cycle 25 in December 2019, and will reach solar maximum in 2024/2025. This increase in electromagnetic activity will provide enormous opportunity for growth and evolution. But it is happening on a timescale of decades not days.

Published by Zachary Adama

Zachary Adama is a mystic, spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the perennial wisdom tradition. Zachary is dedicated to helping others realize their true nature, birthright, and most essential reality. Bliss is your true nature. Peace is your birthright. Love is your most essential reality. We live in evolutionary and revolutionary times. We stand at the dawn of a new age, upon the threshold of a new earth. Both are being born through our own awakening hearts. Zachary shares a perspective that is both grounded and mystical, as well as ancient and ever new.

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