Spiritual Journey Update: Making Changes | Authenticity and Humility

In this spiritual journey update I discuss making changes to my youtube content! In this video I discuss my efforts to align more with truth, authenticity and humility. In recent weeks I’ve started to realize I’ve been making content I wouldn’t necessarily want to watch.

At the beginning of the year I felt called to start making youtube videos, but spirit has been less specific about what that should look like. I’ve been a commercial litigator for the last decade, and I’ve been talking like one. I’m good at communicating concepts and ideas clearly, concisely, and logically…but where is the heart?

Some dear friends have pointed out that I have not been sharing my whole self in these videos. I’ve been lecturing and not always connecting from the heart space. I need to share more of my heart and less of my intellect, and hope to bring more of that forth in the upcoming months.

As I said in my July full moon energy update if you are lying you are dying. This is my effort to align more with truth.

Published by Zachary Adama

Zachary Adama is a mystic, spiritual guide, healer and teacher of the perennial wisdom tradition. Zachary is dedicated to helping others realize their true nature, birthright, and most essential reality. Bliss is your true nature. Peace is your birthright. Love is your most essential reality. We live in evolutionary and revolutionary times. We stand at the dawn of a new age, upon the threshold of a new earth. Both are being born through our own awakening hearts. Zachary shares a perspective that is both grounded and mystical, as well as ancient and ever new.

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